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Weightless Wonder Recliner 38.5 Width Zero Gravity Power Recliner with Power Headrest Chocolate Brown (FREE 2 Years Cps Warranty)

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  • FREE 2 Years Warranty: limited-time offer
  • FREE SHIPPING: 5 - 7 business days fast shipping
  • Zero Gravity: mimic the feeling of weightlessness or zero gravity
  • Adjustable Headrest: designed to significantly reduce pressure and strain on your spine
  • Weight limit: 300lbs
  • Easy to Maintain: Can be clean using distilled water
  • Built-in charging port: Usb Port and Type C

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Edward Creation Amazing neck massager with heat perfect to use after a stressful and tiresome day.


Enjoy worry-free ownership with our FREE 2-year warranty through CPS. We cover manufacturers defects, accidental damage (stains, rips, tears, cracks, and structural damage), and even handle shipping to and from authorized repair facilities.

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(2 years enhanced warranty, coverage starts on the date of purchase and goes into effect on day 31. Factory warranty starts on the day of purchase)

Top Rated Zero Gravity Chair 2023

  • Specifications



Chocolate Brown


Assembled Length (in.)
Assembled Width (in.)


Assembled Height


edward creation a perfect lift chair is sturdy, heavy duty, and can handle up to 350 pounds.

 Stylish and Comfortable

An air-permeable cover that mimics the timeless leather appearance and feel, this recliner guarantees you won't suffer from the discomfort of heat retention or stickiness that often accompanies extended periods of sitting on conventional leather upholstery.

Top Rated Zero Gravity Chair 2023

edward creation a larger, more comfortable lift chair perfect for anyone who wants a little more room to move.

Enduring Comfort

Crafted for maximum comfort and longevity, these cushions are designed with a high-density polyurethane foam core that offers exceptional resiliency. The high-density foam ensures that your seating experience remains comfortable and supportive for years to come, making this furniture a reliable choice for relaxation. With these cushions, you can enjoy both comfort and durability in your seating.

Top Rated Zero Gravity Chair 2023

edward creation a lift chair with soft velvet exterior ideal for your me time days.

Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

Thanks to the use of premium materials and expert craftsmanship, this design offers exceptional comfort and relief. It boasts high-performance, soft, top-grain full leather for durability, along with a robust solid hardwood frame. Furthermore, the power motion features enable reclining and perfect headrest adjustment, and for added convenience, there's a USB port and Type C port for seamless charging.

Top Rated Zero Gravity Chair 2023

Revolutionizing Comfort: Zero Gravity

Experience a new level of comfort with our advanced features. Our Zero Gravity recline technology is expertly engineered to dramatically reduce spinal pressure and strain, ensuring your well-being during prolonged periods of sitting. Additionally, the adjustable headrests offer essential neck support and the flexibility for a customized fit, ensuring optimal spinal alignment and unrivaled comfort, making your seating experience truly extraordinary.

Top Rated Zero Gravity Chair 2023

edward creation a unique lift chair ideal because it's larger and wider than most lift chairs
edward creation a unique lift chair ideal because it's larger and wider than most lift chairs

The Ultimate Blend of Softness, Luxury, and Durability

The PU leather material not only well known for their softness and luxury appearance but also for their good performance in water- and stain-resistance, just a damp cloth and mild cleanser can keep it clean. It is also not easily by scratched.

Top Rated Zero Gravity Chair 2023

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What is the warranty coverage for your chairs?

We offer a FREE 2-year warranty through CPS that covers manufacturers defects, accidental damage, and includes shipping to and from authorized repair facilities. This coverage starts on the date of purchase and goes into effect on day 31. The factory warranty starts on the day of purchase.

Can you tell me more about the specifications of your chairs?

Our lift chair comes in a brown color and has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Its assembled dimensions are as follows: Length - 43.25 inches, Width - 37.50 inches, Height - 32 inches.

What is the material used for the cover of your chair?

: Our chair features a leather-like recliner with a breathable cover that emulates the classic leather look and texture, ensuring comfort without the discomfort of heat buildup or stickiness

Is there any special feature in your chair for charging devices?

Yes, our chair is equipped with a built-in USB port and Type C connectivity within its power control, allowing you to conveniently charge your devices while you unwind.

Can you explain the benefits of the Zero Gravity feature in your chairs?

Our Zero Gravity recline technology is designed to reduce pressure and strain on your spine during extended sitting, providing optimal comfort. Additionally, adjustable headrests offer critical neck support and a personalized fit.

What makes your  chair unique in comparison to others?

Our chair is larger and wider than most, providing extra room and comfort. It also features water-resistant polyurethane fabric for hassle-free maintenance, making it ideal for families on the go.

How do I care for the fabric of your chair?

For fabric care, use water-based cleaning agents or foam, and be sure to use distilled water to prevent any potential rings or fading.

Are there any customer reviews or ratings available for your  chairs?

Yes, our chairs have received top ratings, with positive feedback and reviews from customers who have experienced the comfort and quality of our products.

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  • this is the best buy for me here in the internet. The larger size provides ample room for movement, and the foam cushions offer exceptional comfort and support. The charging feature is incredibly convenient, allowing me to charge my devices while I relax. adjustable headrests truly elevate my seating experience, I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

    Teddy Eaton


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