Alpine Rainforest Rock Tiered LED Lights Floor Fountain, 33"L x 24"W x 52"H, Brown


Sale price$1,399


  • Made from resin, stone powder and fiberglass
  • Skillfully crafted to be balanced and durable.
  • Pump and all necessary parts included
  • Natural stone and Aged Wood Look
  • LED light included

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews

You won’t regret buying this!!!! I absolutely love it and I have it since December. I have now been using it a lot lately since it’s warmed up some.

Water Fall

We’ve been looking for a while and were unable to find one we liked until we located this one. We love it, and have had it for 4 weeks and no problems. No leaks, pump works( pump has adjustment, we run it on the low setting. Any thing higher water splashes out of unit.) and lights work. The unit is well made.CONS: do not care for lights. For us they take away from unit. I’ll have two spot lights shining on unit.

LeAnn Murden
The company is great if you need any replacement parts. The sound of the fountain is awesome.

The company is great if you need any replacement parts. The sound of the fountain is amazing.

Tammy Brookhart
Great fountain for the birds

The media could not be loaded.  I absolutely love this fountain. It is beautiful, It sounds great. The pools ate shallow and the birds are just crazy about it. I can watch them for hours drinking and bathing.

Great buy, fountain looks great

Did a lot of research and shopping around for a tall tiered fountain to place in an open corner space of the backyard as the "centerpiece" of our backyard makeover and this fountain fit the bill perfectly. The size was just right for our needs, the price was good and delivery was fast and on time. Set up was fast and easy, and though it would've been easier with 2 people I was able to unbox and move it into place by myself. After a quick inspection (found no cosmetic damage at all), getting it into position, hooked up the pump to the hose and ensured all the LED light connections were tight and secure, filled with water, (the directions suggest using distilled water to lessen scaling, but I just used tap water from the hose and added water conditioner), plugged it in and voilà, everything worked perfectly including all the LED lights. The good: the fountain looks fabulous, the flow rate is excellent, the waterfall sound is soothing without being overpowering, the 5 LED lights are situated in the bottom of the tiered bowls and lights up the water as it flows from one tier to the next. Some things to consider for your needs: There is the tiniest amount of splashing but very little, which may be a concern if using the fountain indoors, the water pump is adjustable but there is only a slight difference between the min and max settings. I have it set right in the middle which gives a good flow to all the tiers, with minimum splashing; turning the flow rate to the min causes the small top right waterfall to "trickle" out. The water pump and LED lights each have their own plug, so I had to get a dual outdoor smart plug so I could set a timer for each individually, now the fountain comes on in the morning and the LED lights come on at dusk, both turn off in the late night. Evaporation doesn't seem too severe, filled it up upon set-up (takes just under 15 gallons of water), had it on max flow in 85-degree SOCAL weather for 3 days and lost less than an inch of water in the base reservoir. I now have a drip line going into the fountain from my sprinkler system that adds a small amount of water (couple of cups) 2 days a week, which seems to be doing the job of keeping the water at the right level. All in all very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anybody