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Vive 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter - Electric Long Range Powered Wheelchair (Free Scooter Backpack)

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Color: Blue
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Providing safe, stable assistance, the Vive three-wheel mobility scooter easily maneuvers over smooth surfaces such as concrete, pavement, tile and carpeting with a tight turning radius to easily navigate through doorways and hallways. The mobility scooter includes a comfortably wide, padded seat with flip-back armrests, 7.5” flat-free tires and front-mounted storage basket for carrying daily necessities. With a top speed of 3.7 mph, the mobility scooter has a driving range of up to 12.4 miles per charge. The power scooter also quickly disassembles into four pieces to easily fit in an average size vehicle.

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FREE Scooter Backpack

It offers easy access to your belongings and allows you to carry them with you wherever you go. The adjustable straps make it simple to secure the bag onto your scooter and it won't add extra weight or strain on you while in transit.

Top Rated Mobility Scooter 2023

  • Specifications





Blue / Red / Silver / Black


265 lbs and product weight 77 lbs
SPEED and Range
3.7 mph 12.4 miles driving range
31.2 inch

approved for air travel

 designed to be remarkably portable. 

edward creation a perfect lift chair is sturdy, heavy duty, and can handle up to 350 pounds.

Smooth Maneuverability

The product allows you to easily glide over smooth surfaces with ease. It's also able to handle inclines of nine degrees or less, so you can traverse uneven terrain without worry.

Top Rated Mobility Scooter 2023

edward creation a larger, more comfortable lift chair perfect for anyone who wants a little more room to move.


The scooter easily disassembles into four pieces, making it perfect for transporting from one location to the next. Each piece is light and small enough that it can fit in most vehicles, so you can bring your scooter on the go with ease.

Top Rated Mobility Scooter 2023

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 This swivel seat and contoured backrest are designed to ensure maximum comfort for the user. The supple black vinyl covering is incredibly soft, allowing you to stay in your seat for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort.

Top Rated Mobility Scooter 2023

Enhanced Safety

The intuitive control panel with the speed adjustment knob ensures that drivers have greater safety and control when maneuvering indoor and outdoor surfaces. This feature eliminates unexpected turns and stops, ensuring a smoother ride every time.

Top Rated Mobility Scooter 2023

edward creation a unique lift chair ideal because it's larger and wider than most lift chairs
edward creation a unique lift chair ideal because it's larger and wider than most lift chairs

Long Battery Life

With convenient onboard charging, the electric mobility scooter is designed for easy and reliable charging. It includes a powerful battery that can provide a driving range of up to 11.3 miles per charge so you can enjoy your ride for longer.

Top Rated Mobility Scooter 2023

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How heavy is this foldable mobility scooter?

This 3 wheel scooter weighs 77 pounds.

Maximum bearing Capacity?

265 Lbs

How high is the scooter seat?

The scooter seat height is adjustable between 18.5” and 21.5”.

What type of battery does the foldable scooter use?

The Vive scooter uses two, 12V/12AH batteries.

Does this mobility scooter beep when backing up?

No, the Vive mobility scooter does not beep when operating in reverse.

Can the Vive scooter make it over a 2” doorstep?

The Vive scooter has a ground clearance of 1.57” and will not be able to clear 2” doorsteps.

How does the Vive mobility scooter handle hills?

The Vive mobility scooter is designed to safely handle inclines of 9 degrees or less.

Is the battery and charger included?

Yes! The Vive scooter includes a compatible battery pack and charger.

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 designed to be remarkably portable. 

  • My husband and I recently purchased a scooter, and we couldn't be happier with it. It is so convenient to use in tight spaces and is incredibly well-built. The value for the money was outstanding, and we could not have asked for more. We would absolutely recommend this scooter to anyone looking for a reliable way to get around.

    Lara Dasovich  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Customer Reviews

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David H. Tremper
Gets from point A to point B

This is a well-built machine! It took about 30 minutes to carefully assemble. Directions were easy to follow. My wife, dealing with MS, needed a scooter to get around our home on those days when the legs just don't want to move, and especially after a shower, which can drain her of what little energy she has. She said, "It's the best $700 we ever spent!" That's all I needed to hear. Highly recommend this scooter. Follow the instructions and fully charge the battery until the LED is Green and then add another hour or two of charging to get the battery to optimal condition and charge storing. It turns on a dime and can squeeze through any size doorway. The blue finish is really nice. Afterall, we live in a blue state. ;)

Great little scooter

This scooter is so much easier to transport than my older one. If I break it down I can load and unload it myself.

My Mom loved it.....

Was easy to assemble. Easy to disassemble. And it fit in my trunk. So far so good.

cindy montgomery
This Scooter Is Awesome!

Bought this for my dad. He suffers extreme pain when walking, now he just takes 1 step to get in his scooter and off he goes__ He loves it __ Cute little scooter. I would recommend finding back up mirrors for it.

Jackie N.
works well for our needs

Very easy to get on and off of. Most important to us was the turning radius. Able to maneuver this in our home even with narrow hallways. Seems very stable and smooth running. We are very pleased with this electric cart/scooter and works well for my hubby with terribly bad knees. He was using a walker but it was putting too much stress on the knees, whereas this cart relieves that stress. So far only used it in our home.

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FREE Scooter Backpack