• Free delivery
  • 2 Years Warranty

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Sturdy
  • FREE 2 YEARS WARRANTY - limited time offer

  • BATTERY BACK UP  - Never get stuck in lift chair during outage

  • FREE SHIPPING - 5 to 7 business days fast shipping

  • WITH HEAT AND MASSAGER -  fast heating and 8 points massage

  • WEIGHT CAPACITY - 350 lbs

  • WIDE SEAT- 25 inch wide seat, comfortable to sleep

  • CUP HOLDER - comes with 2 cups holder

  •  this chair is so comfortable that I find myself falling asleep in it every afternoon. The armrests are soft and supportive, the cushioning is plush and supportive, and the overall construction feels sturdy and durable. The chair is big enough to fit me comfortably yet small enough to fit in any room.

     Brent william  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Trust the Certified lift chair

5-7 Business Days

4 Steps Easy Assembly

2 Years Warranty

Edward Creation Amazing neck massager with heat perfect to use after a stressful and tiresome day.


Experience carefree ownership with our complimentary 2-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. In the event of an issue, we will provide a free part replacement with complimentary shipping. If the part replacement proves ineffective, we will replace the entire chair with a brand new one at no additional cost.

Top Rated Lift Chair 2023

Edward Creation A lift chair with inclining features to help you achieve maximum comfort. A heavy duty lift chair.

Stay Safe with Battery Back Up

Don't underestimate the terrifying reality of a power outage! Imagine being trapped in your lift chair, unable to move, in complete darkness. It's not just inconvenient; it's a nightmare. Your safety is on the line. With our Battery Backup for Lift Chairs, you hold the key to escape that nightmare. Don't gamble with your well-being; invest in your lifeline to uninterrupted mobility today, because the consequences of being stranded can be truly bone-chilling.

(Please note that the battery will be shipped in separate package.)

Top Rated Lift Chair 2023

edward creation a perfect lift chair is sturdy, heavy duty, and can handle up to 350 pounds.

Heavy Duty

 This lift chair has an exceptional bearing capacity up to 350 lbs, providing you with support and comfort while sitting or reclining. With its robust construction and reinforced metal frame, it ensures years of reliable performance.

Top Rated Lift Chair 2023

Disclaimer: This lift chair is designed to assist users in reaching a standing position only. It does not provide support for standing or walking. If you require assistance with standing or walking, please consider a walker

edward creation a larger, more comfortable lift chair perfect for anyone who wants a little more room to move.

Larger and More Comfort 

Extra Wide - 25 inch seat pad

This chair is perfect for seniors! you know how hard it can be to find furniture that's both comfortable and stylish. But don't despair - the 25 Inch Wide Seat Pad is here to help! This oversized lift chair is specially designed for those who need a little extra space, and it's perfect for anyone who loves to sleep in comfort. With  padded headrest, this chair will provide you with the ultimate in relaxation. 

Top Rated Lift Chair 2023

edward creation a lift chair with soft velvet exterior ideal for your me time days.
Premium Faux Leather

This premium faux leather lift chair provides you with enhanced comfort and support with its upholstered cushioning and adjustable reclining position. The chair’s built-in mechanism allows you to easily adjust the seat to your preferred height, making it perfect for watching TV, reading a book, or relaxing after a long day.

Top Rated Lift Chair 2023

edward creation a lift chair with massager to improve your circulation, ease pain, and increase your range of motion.

Heat and Massage

With 8 different massage settings, you can customize your massage experience to match your needs. The heated seat feature is perfect for those cold winter days.

With 8 different massage settings, you can customize your massage experience to match your needs. The heated seat feature is perfect for those cold winter days, and the built-in lumbar support provides added comfort.

Top Rated Lift Chair 2023

edward creation easy to assemble lift chair is a great choice for a reliable relaxing chair that won't break the bank.

Easy Assembly

Assembling a lift chair is easy and fast. In just four steps, you can have your chair ready to use.

Top Rated Lift Chair 2023

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Does this chair recline fully with power?

Yes, this lift chair can be fully reclined with power.

how long is power cord?

approx 2 feet, you can use extension cord to plug into wall outlet

Can a back up battery be used to operate chair during a power outage?

Yes, you can use portable power station like Jackery

Is there a warranty

Yes, 1 year factory warranty

I have hardwood floors. Will the chair scratch my floors

better put a chair mat under it

Does this chair have heat and massage in it?

Yes! This chair has built-in heat and massage. The heat and massage remote is separated from the lift and recline remote.

What is a good cover for this chair?

message us for the free sofa cover

When you fully recline in this chair, are your feet higher than your heart?

No. But it is a great comfortable chair.

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It is so comfortable that i fall asleep in it and the lift is great for my back and hips

  •  This Chair Is So Comfortable That I Find Myself Falling Asleep In It Every Afternoon. The Armrests Are Soft And Supportive, The Cushioning Is Plush And Supportive, And The Overall Construction Feels Sturdy And Durable. The Chair Is Big Enough To Fit Me Comfortably Yet Small Enough To Fit In Any Room.

     Brent William  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Customer Reviews

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Orville Couch
Not as big as I hoped

The quality of the chair seems to be good, it holds me up and picks me up proficiently. It's not long enough in the reclined position, the foot rest is at lower calf level. I'm 6'4" 330lbs tall but not extremely tall. I was hoping it was a wall away recliner. In order to fully recline I have to pull it out a couple of feet and being disabled It's hard to do. It's very plush yet firm, and really comfortable.I use every bit of the 29"width. It needs an option where the foot rest would adjust to be longer. It's advertised as a big man's chair and is sturdy. It's an overall great value the other brands are double the cost.

William Schrank
Great Recliy

I had a 2,300$ Lazy Boy recliner that was a piece of JUNK!! Everything that ran the leg lift was a PLASTIC WORM GEAR AND PLASTIC CABLE! Chair had not been sat in for 3years and after a month it BROKE! Your chair is EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND THE MASSAGE AND HEAT ARE GREAT! I am 68 years old and had my back crushed in 2006. I have been sleeping in a chair since November of 2006! I have never slept so soundly before 😎👍 Great price for a great product 😎👍

Steve Stegman
My mom loves this chair!

We bought the chair for my mother, who is ailing, which makes it very hard for her to get up and out of a chair. The chair arrived in a few days in (3) boxes in great condition. Chair was easy to assemble. My mom is a plus size gal & spends a lot of time in the chair and says it is very comfortable. She also mentioned that it raises her feet a little higher than her old chair so it has significantly reduced the pain in her legs and also has allowed her to get some of the best sleep she has had in years.

Jay Beeks
BulkyRiser Lift Chair

Very comfortable and it works like a champ. Also - my Cocker Spaniel is able to squeeze next to me without too much trouble.

wally west
chair is OK

not as strong as I thought it would as be but it is quite nice

FREE 2 Years Warranty

FREE 2 Years Warranty